Hi, my name is Aron Ungar. I was born in 1985 and raised in Rockland County New York. February 15th 2015. My wife and I went on our first four-night cruise aboard the Carnival Victory, and we found ourselves exploring another cruise in less than three months, thanks to the outstanding service from a head waitress that left us with the feeling of wanting to cruise again. In the past three years, we have been on more cruises than most cruisers go on in a lifetime.

When we went on our first cruise, it took us no time to fall in love. From the people we met and the places we stopped at, to the layout of the ship and the food that was served, just being out on the ocean had us hooked. We fell in love with cruising, and we decided to do it more often because we were unable to resist the urge to go back. We developed such an interest in it that every free minute we had, we found ourselves exploring more and more about cruises. 

Things went to such an extreme that every time we came back from a cruise, we immediately started looking into the next cruise we wanted to explore and experience. Today, we always have a few cruises booked that are not that far apart from each other.

Soon I found myself dreaming about cruise-related ideas to enhance our experience and how I could create something that would give us the feeling of cruising when we are away from them. I created a game now called Imaginary Destination, which allowed us the opportunity to create our dream itineraries. Another game I created is called Ship Deck, a game that became my family’s all-time favorite. These games even got our children to love cruises the same as we do.

Playing these games brought us such joy that we could only ever dream about. We decided to take these games with us on our next cruise to share with our cruise buddies on a sea day. To our surprise, they were delighted and excited. They immediately asked us to make copies of the games so they could enjoy them too. Even the people walking by stopped to ask where we have gotten the game from. This got us thinking that we might be onto something amazing, something that can truly make a difference and enhance the cruise experience. We wanted to share the joy and happiness we felt playing those games, so we decided to take it on as a career. We would be able to do both things we love: enjoy cruises and create cruise-related products.

We are continuously working on creating more cruise-related products, which now include board games, puzzles, and canvases. Those products will allow you to bring your passion to playtime.

Aron Ungar

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